Fee Per Class


All classes are on Saturday morning and please arrive 5 minutes before class starts, giving you enough time to get ready.

Kanos 5 yrs — 8 yrs 09:30 — 10:30
Juniors 8 yrs — 15 yrs 10:30 — 11:30
Seniors 16 yrs + 11:30 — 12:45

Clothing (jackets) are supplied, but if it's your first time we suggest bringing soft tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt.

Feel free to come down and watch – just speak to Kyle or Rob.


Sport Membership: Required


Sports membership is paid yearly from the date you join and all students wanting to train for more than a month MUST be a member to the sport.

Club Membership: Optional


Club membership is paid yearly, every January.

When joining you will receive a Team Shuzoku Judo club t-shirt, plus National competition entry fees are paid along with automatic entry into the annual awards night.

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